The Gift of Open Heart

Will you accept The Gift of Open Heart? It will change your life forever.

It is not possible to fully explain mechanics of how the Gift of Open Heart works I hope note from one of my guests will be enough:

"I come feeling very "locked" emotionally. After only a few minutes my entire being felt stretched and free. The vibration of my body and spirit opened and the smile on my face extended to my very soul"

Thank you Stacie"

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How The Gift of Open Heart come to my life

Some time ago one of my clients after his healing session with me asked:

"may I offer you a Gift of Open Heart ?"I said yes.

The whole thing took about five minutes and was one of most profound, deep, joyful and beautiful experiences in my life.

I know it is one of those experiences we got to keep forever!

It reconnected me with Divine field of my Heart where access to Universal Love and Grace reside, this is the place where infinite possibilities are accessible and from here we can release these heavy burdens we are carrying in our Hearts for years.

This is magic place where smiling essence of existence shines. After some practice I’m able to dwell in my Heart often and for longer times I can experience reality from there, this bypasses the brain and ego. My connection to my clients and people in general are very deep and profound and it is contagious I can see effects of it on people in my proximity. I asked my Angel Client to teach me how to facilitate this beautiful gift He taught me with smile.

The Gift of Open Heart become center piece of my practice. I met spectacular teachers, books show up in mysterious ways and I know the learning will never end, but I can share what I know.